Honor Guard


The main duties of the Honor Guard is to provide our deceased military veterans the proper military funeral honors.  A service which all honorable discharged veterans earned.  The highest honor a veteran may have is the American Flag draped casket.  We provide graveside services with pre-folded American Flags and also celebrations of life, where the pre-folded Flag is placed on a white covered table next to the urn of the deceased veteran.  After the presentation of the bible and the flag to the surviving spouse or designated family member, there is a 21-gun salute, also know as, the 3 volleys , signifying the deceased has been cared for.  Last and final honor is TAPS.

Information regarding Honor Guard services should be directed to the following:

Dana Wilson             740-246-5807

Sandy Quick             740-644-8522


Captain:  Dana Wilson

Armor Specialist:  Dana Wilson

Chaplain:  Tim Carpenter

Bugle Specialist:  Ron Koehler

Coordinator Clerk:  Sandy Quick

Retired Captain:  Steve Mohler