The Veterans of Post 51 would like to thank everyone that supports the post


Commander:  Jeff Zemolong  (USMC Retired 79-99. Gysgt)

1st Vice:  James (JJ) Pittock (USA)

2nd Vice:  Jim Steiner

3rd Vice:  Randy Hinkle ((USA Retired SGT Major 1989-2017)

Adjutant:  Ryan Brofford  (USA Retired MSG 1991-2017)

Finance Officer:  Bill Roese (USN ATM3 1967-1970)

Judge Advocate:  John Dotson

Prov. Marshall:  Dave Quinn

1st Year Trustee:  Paul Miller (USA Spec4 1981-1987)

2nd Year Trustee:  Luke Murray (USA Retired 1988-2004 SFC)

3rd Year Trustee:  RC Moore